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You have a Choice!
It's the Law!

Some insurance companies try to push you to use a specific repair shop.  This is called "steering". They say carefully worded phrases to avoid conflicting with the rules and to scare customers into thinking they won't receive payment for their claim, or that a claim will take longer to process or cost them more money if they don't use a "preferred" body shop.

Furthermore, some insurance companies may have ownership in the repair shop they recommend. Some pay bonuses to employees for sending customers to specific repair shops. These company owned, and many "preferred" repair shops, will likely attempt to utilize non-OEM, remanufactured, reconditioned, or used parts as allowed by your insurance policy, as long as they disclose this to you in the fine print of your policy and on your estimate.

You have a choice!  Having your vehicle repaired at a New Country Body Shop guarantees you that manufacturer recommended procedures are followed to repair your vehicle. We strive to use only original equipment manufacturer parts, and all of our repair work is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle. The best part? You'll never pay more or risk getting sub-standard repairs and parts that may compromise the safety and value of your vehicle down the road.

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