Low-tire-pressure warning systems are mandated by the government as part of a passive safety initiative. These systems work off of sensors installed inside the tire valves, sending a signal to the control unit that will trigger a warning light when a decrease in tire pressure is detected. The systems tend to work reliably, but with a sudden change in temperature, they can be overly sensitive at times, triggering the low-tire-pressure warning light. Storing your vehicle for the season can also reduce tire pressure.

Safety Tip:

Don't trust a gas station air pressure pump gauge! They are not accurate enough to use for proper tire pressure adjustments.

Please stop by the dealership at your convenience, and one of our factory-trained technicians will be happy to adjust your tire pressure at no charge.

Having your tires set to the proper inflation will optimize your safety, fuel efficiency and performance. We encourage our customers to adjust their tire pressures regularly to avoid any potential tire-pressure issues out on the road. 

Stay safe out there with an easy and quick adjustment to your tire pressure. Drop by any time to ensure your vehicle is ready. We look forward to serving you soon.

*Please note that replacement pressure sensors can be expensive. Sensors damaged due to improper tire mounting or repairs are not covered by new vehicle warranties.