Find your Dream Ferrari or Maserati at Our Spring Valley Dealerships!

If you're a New York driver seeking a new car that's the pinnacle of luxury and performance, drop by our Rockland County dealerships. Whether you're hoping to get behind the wheel of a stunning new Ferrari or you're gunning to get into the driver's seat of a sophisticated new Maserati, the expert sales teams at our dealerships will gladly assist you.

At Wide World Ferrari, our staff has the means to special order your new Ferrari straight from Maranello, Italy. Or, if you go to Wide World Maserati, you can instantly test-drive the Maserati you've been dreaming of. Whichever you choose, we'll work with you to get you out on the road as soon as possible. If you already own one of these extraordinary sports cars and it's in need of servicing, don't hesitate to bring it straight to its respective dealership's service center for expert maintenance or repairs.

The teams at both Wide World Ferrari and Wide World Maserati are truly dedicated to their customers' needs. We look forward to serving you!