Vehicle Protection Plans

Vehicle Service Protection & Maintenance Plans

Here at New Country Motor Car Group the car buying experience doesn’t end when you leave. We offer a wide variety of vehicle service protection and maintenance plans to better protect you further down the road.

Below are some frequently asked questions to better help guide your protection plan decision.

Do I need a Vehicle Service Agreement?

Technically you do not need a Vehicle Service Agreement. A Vehicle Service Agreement, however, can offer unmitigated protection and peace of mind once your vehicle’s warranty expires, and can accommodate coverage for up to 10 years and 150,000 miles.

Can I customize my Vehicle Service Agreement to my exact preferences?

Yes, you can customize your Vehicle Service Agreement to your preferences. Speak with a New Country team member, and they’ll help you tailor your Vehicle Service Agreement to your driving needs.

Does New Country offer tire protection?

New Country offers supplemental Tire & Wheel protection, which can help keep your car’s tires safe from the unknowns of the road ahead. This includes coverage from blowouts, nails, glass, potholes, and debris.

Does the Tire & Wheel protection plan have any hidden fees or insurance deductibles?

The Tire & Wheel protection plan includes replacement or repairs with no hidden fees and a $0 deductible!

Can I invest in prepaid vehicle maintenance?

New Country offers prepaid maintenance plans, which can cover the costs for all of your scheduled maintenance for up to 7 years. It allows you to lock in today’s labor rates, protecting you from rising transportation and manufacturing costs.

Is New Country able to help cover my costs if my car is totaled?

If you’ve invested in Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP), we’ll waive or pay the financial deficiency balance between the amount owed to your financial institution and your insurance company settlement. We’ll also cover up to $1,000 of your insurance company deductible.

How do I keep my new sports car looking great?

The New Country service departments and collision centers can assist. We also have Dent & Ding Repair protection, which can remove and repair minor dents and door dings up to 6 inches. There’s also NO LIMIT to the number of times paintless dent repair can be applied!

I’ve lost or misplaced my key and am in need of a replacement.

Don’t worry, it happens more than you think! If you lose or damage your key, Key Protection covers the replacement, programing and any additional charges in the creation of your new key or key fob. Making new keys and new key fobs can be very costly, so make sure you’re covered with the New Country Key Protection plan.

How do I ensure that my interior and exterior look as good as new?

The New Country interior protection plan offers professional cleanup, reconditioning and repairs, and can even protect for damage to vinyl, leather and more. Our exterior coverage includes protection against acid rain, fading, road salt, bird droppings and more! If professional reconditioning does not repair the damage, interior surfaces will be replaced and exterior surfaces will be repainted.

We hope you found this information helpful while deciding which protection plan best suits you.

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